Friday, April 5, 2013



Sixth grade will be taking ITBS from Monday - Wednesday of next week.  Please, please have your child here each morning by 8:10. We will be starting on time.  Students must have two  #2 pencils.  We need to get started as quickly as possible. They may still bring a water bottle and a healthy snack each day.

Don't forget we need your final Driftwood payment along with the completed forms from Driftwood.  We will be sending home another set of forms Monday for you to fill out.  We apologize ahead of time, but the school must have these.  If you are not going with your child, you may want to talk with a parent that is going about your child riding with them on the trip.  If you don't know anyone, no problem. We will  place them in an available car. This is one of the things you will need to put on the forms coming home Monday.

Re-enrollment is here!  Please have your form and check in by Monday, April 15th to save $50.00! The earlier you enroll, the easier it is to plan for the following year.  Thank you very much!